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This is the book that these toy plans are from -

These were very fun to make and quite simple.  Painted multiple times, spray finish and a coat of Cynthia's beeswax.
These are the first six designs from the book - Coupe, Sports Car, Wagon, Pickup Truck, Mini Van and SUV.

Coupe.JPG Sportscar.JPG Wagon.JPG 
Pickup.JPG Minivan.jpeg SUV.jpeg 

I'm going to move away from painting all of my projects though.  It's very time consuming and I'd rather build more in the time it takes me to paint.  I'm going to try out cooking wood to get that effect and use Cynthia's beeswax as a finish.


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Paul (pdaunno) - What a delightful fleet of vehicles, thanks for posting. Glad to hear you are enjoying your library of plans and jumped in and made the one's you posted. Painting does take some time but there are alternative ways to give you some colour. Wipe on stains as well as a method called milk painting comes to mind. Milk painting with give you just a little hint of colour, kind of like antiquing new toys to give it that old school look. The bee's wax finish is an excellent finish, not only by introducing a warm colour, touch-n-feel and smell but also greatly reduces the possibility of splinters.
   Looking forward to seeing your results of heat treating (cooking wood).
The cars from this plan set also allows you the flexibility in modifying the plans, creating new designs as will as adding a trailer hitch for a variety of trailers, similar to the flexibility of the Play Pals.
   Good job Paul [thumb]
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