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Hi, just finishing up for Christmas and think I did the wrong thing. I made a few simple airplanes for Sunday School.  The kids are kindergarten and up.  I used a combination 50/50 of boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits.  Will this be safe for the kids?  I normally use a beeswax finish, but I really like the way this 50/50 combination brings out the grain and color of the wood.  However, don't want the kids to get sick either.  So, if any one has a better idea please let me know.
Thank you, I love making kids toys out of wood they always look so good and the plans here are wonderful.
john lewman

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You are OK with Linseed oil and mineral spirits. Just make sure that the mineral spirits are completely dry which happens naturally in a half hour or so. Linseed oil is just flax seed oil and is completely safe. And the mineral spirits lose toxicity as the hydrocarbons flash off with drying. Drying should take place in a well ventilated area.

Please post photos of your work on the forum. The larger the file size the better. We have unlimited storage on the forum and the forum software downsizes the photos to fit the post. Then when a viewer clicks on the photo it pops up full size which the viewers all love. Post as often and as complex as you'd like. We all love new posts.

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if you are truly worried about whats in your finish and you want an all natural finish I use this exclusively on my projects
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