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Can I put the polyurethane over the beeswax paste or should I put it under?

How to Make Your Own Non-Toxic Beeswax Finishing Paste
cynthia lewman

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Hi rdredge,

If you try to apply paint or apply polyurethane over the beeswax paste you'll find the paint and/or polyurethane won't adhere to the surface due to the waxy nature of the paste.

It's recommended that the beeswax paste only be applied as a final finish to bare wood. However some toymakers really like to apply the beeswax over dried paint or polyurethane to give the toy a final sheen and soft feel.  

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Can you put the beeswax finish over painted wood instead of varnish like kids puzzles?  Seems like it would make the parts slide together for little hands.

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PawPawRay - Absolutely, as Cynthia described above, applying the bee's wax paste over bare wood and painted wood is a great top coat application. In Cynthia's video demonstration on how to make the Child Safe Non-Toxic bee's wax paste she mentions all the advantages.
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