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hi bodacious2
i think pricing things to sell is very tricky,i live in a small country town,last year i made a few pig money boxes and offered  them for sale at $25 each,i ended up making and selling about 60 of them.the firetrucks that i made ,i sold 3 @$75 each and there has been a few other toys i sold  ranging from $25 -$75 price range .the truck hi loader and frontend loader set and the jeep quad bike set ,i priced at $125 each because of the work that  was involved in building them and their size  ,i have sold on e of each to an elderly lady for her grand child ,and because she bought both i discounted them to $200 for both.but otherwise i am struggling to sell them at the moment.also,even though people  are starting to make a noise over plastic and the environment,they still buy crap plastic toys ,which are cheap,for their kids to play with.maybe us toy makers just have to keep building and stockpiling our wares until all the plastic is banned.just a thought . enjoy your toymaking and success with it
cheers kel
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