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This was a one-off custom request from a customer. She showed me a pic and I modified it a bit. Total size is about 10cm x 10cm and it will be a fridge magnet. I usually hand paint all all my work but because of the size of it I would have been hard pressed to get nice clean lines. 
I printed it on ordinary printer paper, sprayed it with a couple of coats of Rustoleum 2x Ultra Cover Clear Gloss and then used spray adhesive to stick it on some 6mm mdf. I then cut out the pattern, hand painted the edges and back and gave it some more coats of clear.
For a first attempt I'm pretty happy with the results, although I need to work on the sanding. There is a very slight ridge around the top edges. I'm a bit scared to try sanding it off now as I'd hate to mess it all up. I also need a lot more practice with spraying. I ended up applying clear coat to the edges by hand and just doing the faces with spray.

john lewman

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This is a fine example of the woodworking art and I would say a perfectly executed example. You have quite a highly developed talent and level of creativity. Thanks for sharing!

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This looks great and thanks for sharing your process.  This is a cute design for the Dr Who fans.
Miriam Janssen

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Very nice! I like the idea of wood with magnets. Your customer will be happy with it.
Wood is made of trees
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