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I just got started with wanting to build toy trucks and toys. My Gradfather was a Master Carpenter during the 40s. He loved his hand planes and chisels. Preferred to do things by hand. In the past year I have been restoring his tools and changing the garage to a wood shop. I saw a Wooden tank in a magazine and thought my son would love that. I had been getting wood scraps from a friend that owns a cabinet shop so I could practice planing and such. I looked at the cut list in the magazine and said... I have all that in the garage in scrap wood.
I starting looking online and found this site downloaded the famous lorry truck and got started.
Most of the truck is spruce and I am currently in the painting of it but here are some of the build photos
I have to make two for my son the first is red because he said it looks like a fire truck( daddy is a fireman) and the second has to be blue because that's his favorite color.
I have seen some mods on this truck in the forums and don't be surprised if you see me posting some fire truck mods on the plan.
Thanks for the plan and all the info I got from the site.


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Welcome to the forum.
That a good looking first build for sure.
I suspect you may be hooked so with that said dont be a stranger lol

We are a friendly bunch here and love to see builds so keep the pictures coming

Ed - Making sawdust in the shop [wave]

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Welcome. The build is looking good so far. If it's fire trucks that you are looking for click here . I made the 1932 fire truck and it is a great build. Your son might like the other two, the Fantastika Fire Engine and or the Super ReallyWood Fire Rescue Truck.

Keep up the good work and lets see more pictures.

-Bill  [comp]

My saw is a DeWalt788
Measure twice; cut once; count fingers after cut
john lewman

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Thanks for joining in on the fun and posting the great photos of your build. This project is progressing beautifully. We are looking forward to seeing the step-by-step photos of the truck through completion. I hope you add a photo of yourself and a peek into your shop and methods. Our forum now has unlimited storage for your files so feel free to post away. Videos are also very welcome. 

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Hello Steve,

Welcome to one of the greatest places on the internet. You will have so much fun, make some good friends, and learn a bunch.

Thanks for the post and look forward to the finished product.

Don (Wooddawg)

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Welcome to the forum. Your project is looking good.


Rod T

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Welcome to the forum Steve.

Your progress on the truck looks pretty good. 

Can't wait to see the finished painted ones.

Rod T


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Welcome to the forum.

Very nice so far for your first build on the fire truck.
Looking forward seeing the finish project.


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welcome to the forum, as everyone has said, lots of things to learn here and you can ask any question and get all the answers
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