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After several months watching this forum i am decided to start my oun Toy Bussiness. I want to invest in a cutter machine that alow me to work in several wood proyects and ofcorse Toys.. So i need some assesment from you.

i want to invest in a good cutter. I have a sanding machine and a portable cutter.

Could you please tell me in this two choices of cutter, which one would allow me to cut small and bigger pieces? I really dont want to mess arround with my money (lol).




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This is a very tough question to answer as I can see each of these 2 saws being positive for you to use for your purposes. I have cut 1 1/2 inch thick pine with the Scroll Saw (1st. Link) but it's strong point is thinner material while making really tight cuts. Plus this Saw will cut interior cuts such as windows.
The Band Saw (2 ed link) has a strong point for the 1 1/2 thick material but you would need a different blade to cut the tight cuts on it and I feel those cuts won't be as precise as the tight cuts on the Skil Scroll Saw.
If the time ever comes on your finances both these saws would work quite well for the plans you see here on Post some pics of your toys that you make if you can and ask any other questions also.

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 If you decide to buy the bandsaw make sure you have someone change the blade to a resaw blade and back again make sure the large blade is easy to get on and off.  
The bandsaw I have is very difficult to change and it has cost me blades over the years as I progressed in my wood work to the point that I don't use it any more I have gone back to using my jigsaw instead, until I can afford a new bandsaw. 

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Thanks to all for those recomendations. I will buy first a Scroll Saw according to your recomendation.

Any suggestion in brands?

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The most costly thing is you time. If you are going to do this as a business you need to buy good equipment.

The better scroll saws have very fast blade changes and tensioning. I have three scroll saws in my garage with three totally different systems of mounting. The Excalibur EX21 is at least 15 maybe 20 times faster than my old AMT Taiwan saw and ten times faster than my RBI Hawk. Buying a cheap saw that that takes a lot of time to set up and use will limit what you can make. If blade changes are difficult and time consuming making things that require lots of internal cut will not be profitable. I would not buy a saw that uses pin end blades. Excalibur, Dewalt and RBI are good saws. Jet has a new one that looks very similar to the the Excalibur that should also be a good saw.

A saw that doesn't cut smooth will create work for you costing you money/time. Buy a saw that has a reputation for cutting smoothly. It will save you money in the long run.

All ways use good blades these are not generally found at Big Box stores.

Bench top band saws can have lots of issues like rough cutting and short blade life. Accessories for these saws is very limited. Band saws are finicky at best. If you buy a low end saw your going to wind up spending time and money on it to get it to cut well. I would not buy a bench top band saw. A chinese saw from Harbor Freight would be better. It would require some tweaking and tuning but there are lots of them out there and lots of help available. I use an old cast iron table Shopsmith band saw with carter guides installed.

Perhaps I'm just picky but I don't like tools that don't work well. I don't like sanding for hours because my saw will not cut smoothly or straight. In a business this is going to cost you money.

You can get some good tools buying used. Good barely used scroll saws turn up on Craigs list in my area several times a year. Dewalt, Excaliber, and RBI are good ones I would consider. When you by used besure the saw works well and has all its parts. I only paid $100 for my RBI but would up spending almost two hundred dollars on parts.

I saw something in a signature block a few years ago that always come to mind in these discussions.

"I'm to poor to be cheap."

I'm not saying that you can't make toys with cheaper tools. You very well can. There are people here that do amazing work with them. However, if we are talking about business. Time is money.  Better quality tools let you work faster and make more toys and so pay for themselves in the long run.

Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.


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thanks BadBob....

Very well explain.
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