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I no longer mask the face when painting the edges, way too time consuming for results that weren't any better than freehand. I just paint the edges as cleanly as I can and then do what BadBob mentioned in his post, sand the faces. I don't have a belt sander so I rely on sheets of sandpaper on a flat surface and then lots of elbow grease.

I usually don't bother rounding the edges of the play pals but I do tend to knock the sharp edges off with a bit of sandpaper. If I do it after painting I can still get a fairly good edge.

I round the edges of some of the bigger toys I've made using a 1/8" roundeover bit but I do find that I get a bit of tearout on the curves so need to do a bit of sanding to fix them. I tend not to do edge painting on these ones although if you round the edges, then paint and then sand the faces you should still end up with a neat paint line.

This car is bigger than the play pals. 30mm thick (+wheels). I painted the edges freehand and then sanded the faces. I did the same thing with the rocking horse cutout as well. The third pic I rounded the edges but painted the whole car. I then drilled the windows after painting (using a spade bit).

2017-11-10 17e.jpg

horse.jpg    2017-12-13 132.jpg 


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Let me see if I got it:

  1. Round over the corners.
  2. Paint the edges. 
  3. Sand the faces.

You should add a belt sander to your wish list. Bigger the better. 6x48 is a good size. I sanded 48 blocks I made for my grandson today. It might have taken me two hour. It would have taken all day or longer by hand. 

PS: Those are some great looking toys.

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BadBob, a combo belt and disc sander is on my wishlist...

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Got 3 complete sets of Play Pals done for charity. All set for painting. Some of them are on some donated plywood with a sort of laminate on them. Not too sure how they will take paint. My kids want to paint them. Just got everything set up for them. After painting, need to assemble wheels after putting beeswax and mineral oil on some of them. Kids helped in scroll sawing too [smile]   


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You are an organized and detailed toymaker! We look forward to seeing more of your photos of this project. Could you start your own topic on this subject so it has more exposure to to our toymaking community? Thanks for posting and for the excellent photos.
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