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Hi Mike -

Yea the BallNose is a little slow, should speed it up quite a bit actually since it not taking that much off material off, it is a final pass for clean up. That would reduce the time for sure.

I have attached the Aspire file here, if anyone else wants to give it a go also.

I make three g-code files, exporting all of the 1/8 End Mill routines, then for all the 1/16 BallNose, then for the 1/32 BallNose, then final cutout. So 4 g-code files. This is a one sided carve, the backside is flat, would be cool if it was two-sided but another step in the process = more time.

Enjoy and let me know if you made mods......


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Peter V

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Hello Luitjes,

very interesting that CNC but I am as AES says, a 'Klutz' on computer, let alone on CNC.

You all talk about Fushion, I tried this one - is for free for hobbiests - but I concluded I had a very long learning curve ahead of me.
I then spoke to someone who did it by profession and he said to me that - having none computer-experience whatsoever - that it would take a very great amount of time to a) learn the fitst steps, b) to get to draw a simple item and c) after all that, have it all go to work on a CNC. So I stopped with it.

I used this programm

The man who gave me this "advise" made this engine, all via CNC

So - also seen my age of just 66 - I stick to my tools and simple handwork. 

And in my opinion, CNC is NOT a new tool (as also is not 3D printing) but it is just a reproducing-machine for exact copies, being programmed by someone.
That 'someone' can be (or is) the artist /craftsman.

Handmade on those objects is not applicable, but that are just my two cents.

But I will still visit this part of the forum daily, due to the interest.

Keep up the good works


Peter V
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