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First and foremost, I wish to stress that these designs are not my own work!

Whilst I was searching Pinterest for inspiration for my Garbage truck version many months ago, I came across these images and saved them for my own future  use.

Given that John is currently developing the Mercedes Truck into a vehicle range, he suggested that I post the photo's  here for ready access.

Perhaps if enough of us ask, these themes may become the next batch in the series?

Regardless, these are fine examples of craftsmanship and design that belong on display in this forum database.

Box truck1.jpg  Box truck2.jpg  Box truck3.jpg  Box truck4.jpg  Fire truck1.jpg  Fire truck2.jpg  Fire truck3.jpg  Fire truck4.jpg  Fire truck5.jpg  Tipper truck1.jpg  Tipper truck2.jpg  Tipper truck3.jpg  Tipper truck4.jpg  Tipper truck5.jpg


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Well I must say, that lorry is very versatile and of course brillant.

-Bill  [comp]

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Wombat, you have found some wonderful examples of what the Lorry can be. The inspiration that can be found in these photos is almost endless. Great job on finding these and thanks for posting them for all of us to see.
john lewman

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Thank you Wombat. These are really well done and the designs are spectacular. I will refer to these often and over time hope to make each one part of the Lorry plan sets.

Missouri Wayne

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Very interesting combinations and somethings out of the ordinary.  I like them.
PaPa Jack

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incredible job !

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i like these very much. would like to see them in 3 plans set

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I think I would replace the term 'Inspirational,'  as these models are more than that.  They look like they have come straight out of a toy making factory.  They are completely fabulous.  That word doesn't do them justice either.
Miriam Janssen

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They are beautiful. I love to make different versions of a truck based on the same base.
so I would love to buy plans if they are available.

- Miriam -

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