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Ken Martin

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Sorry Keith

The photos did not load right.
I will try again to add to photos, or I can send them by regular e-mail.
my e-mail again is:

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Kenneth W Martin


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Originally Posted by Doc
AdamR-NY, if you get water on the edges of MDF it will act like a sponge and swell up and quite quickly.

That is also what makes the edges difficult to paint unless you seal first as Ken mentions - because you can easily waste most of your expensive paint as it gets slurped up without actually giving you a finish.

Shellac is also really useful for doing the same thing - it will seal and can be sanded smooth as required before you paint/finish.

Ken, they are awesome looking planes there, my friend [thumb]


Thanks Doc makes sense now.  With MDF edges once sealed so they look as smooth and the face of MDF?


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Thanks for the tips on painting. I will definately incorporate them into my next project.

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hi there not sure if you can but it any were but there a moisture resistant mdf that is some times green i have used that and not needed to seal it just paint over the top.if i have the nom mdf i just mix up water and pva glue and use that to seal the mdf seems to work ok.gary oh nice planes  there ken
Gary Wisbey
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