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I am having such a frustrating time with the wheels. I've tried following the instructions and glue the axles inside. Never works. Then I've tried gluing tire to one axle let it dry then put other one on. Never works. I am new to this and am determined not to stop. PLEASE HELP?!

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Not exactly sure what the problem is, but if you could maybe post a picture of the issue.

Do the wheels have some sore of finish on them tht would keep the glue from drying ? for examble Cynthia's paste wax (don't ask me how I know this LOL )

Or does the dowel not fit the hole correctly (dowel's are never the correct size seems like)

I use both "Titebond" glue and instant glue to good success..

Others may chime in as well, but i think we need just a bit more information to assist you better.

Oh and welcome to the forum, we are a bunch of friendly folks who will try to help you make a successful toy if at all possible.

Ed - Making sawdust in the shop [wave]

Posts: 21
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 I am with Ed, I am not sure what the issue is here.  When I glue wheels to dowels I also use Titebond wood glue (Not white glue) on bare wood dowels and wheels.  I usually do one side, wipe off any excess then the other.  As lone as wet glue is not touching the vehicle body you should be ok.  Hope I was helpful, Keep at it!


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Posts: 1,241
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Originally Posted by Gettinskinny3263
Never works.

I'm not sure what never works means? We need more input. [crazy]

Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.
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Posts: 1,179
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I have to agree with the members.
Not sure where and what the problem is.
How about posting a few photos of what your difficulty looks like.
I'm sure we will be able to help.

Posts: 30
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I put the glue in the hole, then the dowel. Also I use Elmer's while glue as the nozzle is small and fits part way in the hole to eliminate excess glue on the outside of the car body. Wheels seem to stay on very well. Use an old credit card between the body and wheel to be sure the wheel(s) will turn.




Posts: 61
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Hi Gettinskinny3263,

Welcome to the forum. If the dowel that you are using is bit loose in the hole of the wheel you could try this. Get a small paint brush or cotton bud dip them into some water and drench the hole in the wheels with the water and leave them dry for a day or so. That should make the timber swell in the hole and should make the dowel fit in tighter. That is what I do because dowels that you buy are not all the same size. I buy 4 stick of 6 mm dowel today and I tried all of them into the wheels of two toy trains I am building and there is only 2 stick of dowel that fix tight in the holes. That is how bad some dowels are made. The other 2 sticks are very loose so I will have to use the water to make them fit into the wheels. I use this on wheels made from pine so I don't know how it will go on other timbers. I hope that helps.


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Posts: 53
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People have to drill test holes first because not all dowels are the size they say that they should be. Like cutting a half inch dado for half inch plywood and finding out the half inch plywood is only 7/16ths. Makes for a sloppy joint. 

I use Forstner bits in the drill press for drilling holes and I find that for a snug fit for a dowel, I use the size under what the dowel is. I use the Size bit that the dowel is to go through the body the dowel rides in and there seems to be a decent amount of play for the dowel. 

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Posts: 154
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Not exactly sure if the wheels are not staying in place or what however, you can glue them in first and then turn the car or truck upside down and drill a 1/8 or 1/16 hole (if you can find a dowel that small) through the bottom into the axle and then glue this small piece of dowel into the hole. this will lock the axle in place.

Good Luck,
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