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Glue Brush – Economics 101 (Saving you money).


There are all kinds of glue applicators on the market, each focused on different application requirements.

Today’s glue applicator buzz word is “Silicone”.

What is so important about Silicone?

The glues we most commonly use in the work shop do not sick to Silicone that is why we prefer them.

Let me share with you a little secret. [idea]

Glue Brush Silicone.jpg 

The above photo incudes a very popular silicone glue applicator. Cost $5.00 each.

I have several of these in the house workshop and the garage workshop. I recommend them highly.


However - the photo also shows an economically priced equivalent.

Purchased at a discount/Dollar Store for $1.25 - I got two (2) Silicone Brushes (in Blue).

The bristles help spread the glue out evenly.

The glue will not stick to the silicone.

When the glue is still wet, cleanup is easily done by running the bristles under the tap in warm water.

If however, you leave the glue to dry overnight, no problems … just peal it away from the bristles.

Clean up is that easy.


The red silicone brush is the same product as the blue ones, which I have shortened the bristle length.

Application of the glue using the full length bristles was a bit clumsy.

Shortening the bristle length gave me more control and a better even coat of glue.


Silicone is silicone, the question is … is how much do you want to pay for your silicone brush?



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THAT is Genius---I have about 4 of these in the junk drawer and the glue I use tries to tack up instantly.
Definitely going to try to use these [smile]
Thanks !!

Black Wolf
john lewman

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   This is a needed and very useful post. Thanks! The glue brush issue has always been a problem for me. I'll pick up some of these today. Love the post.
phantom scroller

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Udie a great idea, thanks for sharing that one.
Ken Martin

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Good Idea My Friend
Thanks for sharing, I will have to get some of these.

Kenneth W Martin

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what a good idea i have seen these in the £1.00 shop here in the uk some have smaller units a 2 in a pack for £1. thinking i will get a pack next time i'm in there.
Gary Wisbey

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I bought 4 of these from Rockler (can't remember the price but it wasn't much).  The ones I purchased were smaller...ideal for small/medium sized scroll saw craft projects like toys.  One end has a round brush on it while the other end is tapered for spreading glue in holes. I'm still using the first one, gave two to fellows that helped with a project, and have one to spare.  Neat!



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