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Sometimes getting out the big bottle of glue for a very small job is a real pain. One of the problems is the need to apply a very small amount of glue. Not possible with the size of the large bottle glue cap and the lack of control of the quantity that comes out.


What to do?

Here is a quick tip and solution for you.

Purchase a set of Plastic Glue Syringes for under $5.00. Put your most common and favorite glue types in one or more glue syringes and label them. These syringes will provide the accuracy for applying the glue to exactly where you want it, pin-point-application, and in the amount that is required.

Each syringe has a rubber (black) plunger tip and a snap cap for the dispensing end. The glue will not dry up in time. I have had glue in the syringes for a number of years and have refilled the syringes numerous times with no problems.
You can see the fine bead that can be dispensed.
Anyone else have a super gluing trick you would like to share? 

OK, some of you have asked where I purchased the syringes.
They are from a Canadian supplier ... go to ...
They are listed as ... Glue Syringes 5pcs Set ... Model # B2991.
As of today the price was reduced from $4.99 CDN to $2.99.
Hope this helps.

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what a cool way to glue items i have also used the Syringes that you use to refill your ink carts they also work well i also find some of the shower gel bottles have small holes in the lids if you clean them out they make good glue bottles for pvc glue .
Gary Wisbey
PaPa Jack

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I have used the glue syringes with success.  I noticed the tube of "no more nails"  Have never used it for wood toys.  Does this work well?


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PaPa Jack: Yes you can use 'No More Nails' for wood projects with super results. But, let me expand a little about it. It is thicker than the glues we normally use. It does not run like yellow carpenter glue. I did have to increase the diameter of the hole in the syringe with a large finishing nail and on occasion dip it in a cup of warm water, let it sit for a bit before I used the syringe. It is a high strength adhesive, quickly bonds and fills gaps, now it goes on white and dries clear and can be sanded and painted. It is expensive , $7.00 CDN for the tube shown. Great for repairs because of its quick bonding and parts can be easily held in place with painters tape until cured. It is not the glue I use regularly for project builds, but in the shop for special occasions that merit its use.
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