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Hello everyone.
I am still new to this hobby and enjoy it very much. However, I am getting very frustrated on gluing. It seems as I glue one part, another one slips or moves. There are times it seems I need to glue 2 parts at the same time. I have been using titebond 3. It seems to take a long time to cure. Does anyone have any suggestions on a better glue that will allow me time to set the parts and cure quickly.
If you could see my workbench of mess ups you would understand. LOL

Any help is appreciated.

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Try using a couple dabs do CA glue alongside your Titebond, hold the parts together until the CA sets(10-30secs)and then clamp as you normally would.

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Thanks Harry. I will try that.

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I usually just add more clamps. Several of the clamps in the photo are there to hold the pieces aligned. A little tiny pinch of clean fine sand sprinkled on the glue helps a lot. I would not do this if you are going to drill or cut later.  Some people use salt instead of sand. I've always been leery of this. It might change the chemical composition of the glue or wood and do something undesirable.

Dowels, pins, etc can be used to keep things aligned but they add extra steps. You could use a pin nailer for some things but you have to keep it from moving while you put the pins in. Might as well clamp it.

The thinner the coat of glue is the less of a problem you will have. This is tricky for me. The thinner the glue gets the more likely the joint is to fail. I always get to much.

For project you plan to repeat it may be worth the effort to make custom clamps and/or cauls or a clamping jig.


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