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john lewman

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Nemanja sent this photo yesterday of some of the toys he designed and Goran has built. The boats plan set will be released this Summer and includes the 5 work boats you see on the desk. Nemanja is perfecting the big sailboat right now and the big wrecker and big dump truck are in the final plan set development stage. The work boats float beautifully. Nemanja sent a video that shows all of them floating down a beautiful Serbian creek. More about all of this later! Thanks Nemanja and Goran.

Goran Stojanovic workbench.jpg 


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What a great collection of toys. They are a very creative/talented father and son team.
Do we know if they sell their toys locally or are involved in internet sales?

Ken Martin

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Thanks John for the Update on the work Nemanja and Goran are doing.

I think the 2nd boat from the left might be a commercial dragger.  I hope so, because most of Susie's family have been commercial fisherman at one time or another.  Susie spent her time at sea in a Troller (in port you see the big long poles standing stright up in the air.)  Would love to see a couple of commercial fishing boats in our fleet.  Note: Susie's lost her 1st husband, and a brother Richiein in commercial boating accidents at sea.  Her Dad just made his last commercial fishing trip two months ago before having hip replacement, and by the way he is 91 years old and went alone.

Nemanja and Goran do nice work.

Kenneth W Martin
cynthia lewman

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Hi Ken,

Thank you for sharing such a poignant personal story about Susie's terrible loss.

I want you to know that John and I care deeply for you and Susie. We're so glad you both found each other. You are both beautiful people and deserve all the happiness in the world.

Please give Susie a big hug for me.
phantom scroller

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Very good work from skill toy makers thanks for showing John.
gary pace

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good work john .

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Great, nice collection. Good work.

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wow very nice set of toy's I like the boats,  my 4yr old boss ask me every so often when I'm gonna do a boat, I tell him when he stops asking for toy car's and truck's LOL he walks off with a smile and say's OK!
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