An all-natural, food contact safe, vegan-friendly, no VOC protector of soapstone and wood. Great for soapstone, slate, butcher block, and concrete countertops. Any countertop that does not have a gloss finish. Also perfect for wood bowls, kitchen items, and cutting boards. It even does a good job to stop rust and make a rusty surface look nice again!
This product i believe is just as costly as the OSMO product, but is available in the USA.
Milk Paint has other less expensive all natural waxes also but i think the one i listed is closest to the OSMO product.
I have not tested this product but Milk Paint company has a good reputation.
I do like Cynthia's Wax but for economics, but if a harder less "tack" finish is needed the OSMO or Milk Paint company has what maybe  a good solution.