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In my haste to get the thing assembled for an excited 3-year old boy I accidentally put the fenders on backwards. Oh well. He does not mind.

I really like this design. It’s made with maple (sugar maple to be exact), yellow birch and black ash. I also made these wheels myself. I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Finished with Cynthia’s beeswax/mineral oil.
Thanks for looking.

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This is awesome, I bet the lil one was absolutely thrilled. Great workmanship.

Greg Farr

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great job Trav,

love the natural timbers


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If you had not told us I suspect that only someone who had built one would notice that they were on backward.

I have been making toys for my grandson since he first started pushing things around the floor. He still gets excited about them. Never once has he complained about a defect.

Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.

john lewman

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Very cool Trav. You create some really fine toys. And every time!
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