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Recently I saw someone post a build of a garbage truck by converting the Mercedes truck plan but I have been unable to find it again. I need to make one for my grandson. Can anyone help me ? Thanks
Peter V

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I never saw a garbage dumptruck out of the Mercedes of John.

Is this of some help for inspiration?

You can modify the 'cargo-platform' into a garbage-item?

Peter V

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I saw that plan on this site as well, it was made from the free Mercedes Truck plan and converted to a garbage truck by adding a lifting arm, for the bins to go into the newly built back that opened at the back which opened when raised. There were 2 bins 1 red lid and 1 yellow lid which had a flip top lid to carry rubbish and could be emptied into the truck. 
cynthia lewman

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Here's a link to Wombat's post on the Modified Mercedes Lorry Garbage Truck:

It is a beauty!

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I was racking my brain (as old as it is) but just couldn't remember where in the forum I saw it.  This is a great garbage truck! Good on ya Wombat!
-Bill  [comp]

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Hello russandray.
Thanks for your interest.
Sorry to take so long to reply but I have been on vacation until recently.
Hope the attached files are of use to you.
I did a CAD drawing of it to ensure that the  lifting arm would clear the body when the bins were attached.
The dxf ( and thus the pdf prints from it) are undimensioned, but to scale, so you should be able to get to the end result  from them.
I used 12mm thick pine for the box-body.
I realised there needed to be a chassis cross-member back near the rear wheel to keep the chassis rails aligned  when gluing to the cab.
The tailgate hinges are tiny brass ones fastened by screws that were screwed into epoxy filled holes then covered with a smear of epoxy to minimise the risk of them coming loose and being a choking hazard.. 
The magnets were also epoxy encapsulated into drilled holes. ( ensure you get the magnet polarity on the lifter opposite to that on the bins so they will attract and not repell )
The bins are 32mm sq pine tapered on three sides ( back with magnet is flat) A square notch on the bottom of the back allows for a piece of dowel to be filed to fit to look like "wheels".
The lid is 3mm ply shaped to look like ( what else) the lid. It is glued on for rugged play.
 Any issues, give me a yell, happy to help.

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