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When this plan came out I bought it and make it. That was a loooooong time ago.
No 2.jpg 

Two weeks ago I decided to build another one but using different colours of wood and not painting it. I also wanted to add a little bit more to it. I don't see this as a toy or a model but rather than a mantelpiece or a conversation piece. It is like an inbetweener. J

This is the outcome:
No 3.jpg  No 4.jpg 
No 5.jpg  No 6.jpg  No 7.jpg  No 8.jpg 

Here are some of the changes that I made and features that I incorporated into this build.


I am not a mechanic at all but decided to modify the engine a little bit by putting on a carburettor and an air cleaner. I also use some dowels to make sparkplugs and decided to put a fan on the front.
No 9.jpg 


I get hold of a piece a mesh that are used in front of a car speaker and cut it to the size that I want to fit into the radiator. I use double-sided tape and line the mesh up so that it is in the middle of the piece to be inserted. Then I use a drill the size of the holes in the mesh and drill the holes. I take the mesh off and sand the front and back of the insert. The insert is sunken 6mm (1/4") from the front of the radiator.
No 10.jpg 


I wanted the roof to be closed at the back. I took the original drawing and widen it by 6mm (1/4") at the back side. (A). By doing this the back piece will rest on the middle of the backseat. The curve at point (B) I get by trial and error and eventually I get to the point where I was satisfied. Then I cut out the sides and lay one piece on the wood that I was going to use for the top of the roof and trace it accordingly. (Remember the top will also be longer now.)
No 11.jpg  No 12.jpg 

I came across this picture and decide to incorporate some of this features into my build.
No 13.jpg 


I add the mirrors, inside and outside to the hot rod.
No 14.jpg 


I wanted the seats to be the same as in the picture and split some 8mm (5/16") dowels and glue that to the seats. I make the seats 4mm (5/32") thinner to compensate for the thickness of the half dowels.
No 15.jpg 

Side lamps:
No 16.jpg 

I use different thickness and colour dowels to make the front and back side lamps and the hooter.

No 17.jpg 

Steering wheel:

I put the steering wheel at an angle and add a gear lever to it.

No 18.jpg 


A glovebox was added and a dowel was cut and fitted into the hole on the dashboard.


Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, I couldn't get more dark wood for the wheels so I have to improvise. I make the back wheels 25mm (1") instead of 19mm (3/4") because I want it to stand out and give a bigger appearance.
No 19.jpg 


And last but not least, I build a suitcase to onto the backseat.
No 20.jpg 

That’s that guys. That was my way of building this Hill Billy T-Bucket Touring Hot rod.

My next build I want to do is the Hill-billy-hot-rod-pickup.


Just a small request to John, what about a plan for an Abrahams Army tank. Please John.



john lewman

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Wood toys reach another height of perfection with this beautiful Hill Billy Hot Rod. I am amazed at this. Wow. Detail after detail is just perfect. I love what you have one with the motor, the seats, the wheels, the interior, the added luggage. Other-worldly!

Also, the A-Tank is a super idea. I will put it on my list of to-do's this summer. Thanks for the inspiration this morning. 
Toy builder Bob

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Congratulations Willem. What a beautiful build Yes that is a conversation piece. I love the choice of wood and the details are phenominal.

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These are really great Willem. I especially like the things you did to the unpainted one like the tuck and roll interior and the additions to the engine. I can tell you spent a lot of time on this build but they both came out beautiful. Take care.....[cool]

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Willem, this is just magnificent.
 I am not sure whether it is the fastidious attention to detail, or the fact that you did this in just two weeks that leaves me open mouthed.
Peter V

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I am speechless .... fabulous, in one word. And a great source of inspiration.

pse continue.


Peter V

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Well what is there to say Willem, 1) this is a Brilliant Build, 2) great new features, and 3) expertly done.
WOW what a great build.
I'll have to dig out my Hot Rods plans now

Well done Willem.

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Speechless. Great job. Well done. 

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Thank you everybody for the kind words. That inspire me to just try and do better on some future projects. 
We surely are a speciment on our own. Sometimes "Normal" people can't understand why do we love to build toys, but it is the satisfaction that one get after the completion of a project. And thank you John for the wonderfull plans which are really easy to build.

May GOD protect us all.

Martin L

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A beautiful build there Willem, I have made a scale model of an Abrahams Tank, all in wood no metal at all, complete with working tracks full turret and 12 cal machinegun, The turret actually rotates 360 degrees and the main cannon raises and lowers the overall length is 620 mm and approximately 250 mm wide I made for a good friend who was in the Light Horse Regiment Armoured Corp. 

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Thx Martin. Eish I wish I could get my hands on a Abrahams plan. I want to built it so that it fits onto the trailer of the Kenworth truck I build earlier. I have a plan but it just to common, I like to always take things one step further. Hahaha.
Martin L

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I have tried to scale it down but seems to run into size proportional trouble. We might leave that one to John to sort out.
Regards Martin.
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