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Ken Martin

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Hello Friends

Udie's great post about building the Jeeps, made me want to build one, so I took a couple hours yesterday away from building two Customer orders, and build the two you see below.

Unlike Udie however, I am not good with a table saw, so I cut them out using templates made from peel and stick tiles on my scroll saw.  I did include the trailer hitch into the body as part of cutting these jeeps out from one piece of wood.

These two demo builds are a little rough, but they give me some ideas about making them better.

After cutting out the templates, these two vehicles took less than 1/2 to cut out.  They are cut from 3/4" pine, and the fenders were cut from 1/8" plywood.  The paint is just Delta craft paints, and a coat of Delta varnish.


These two HO scale jeeps from's Vietnam Jeep & Chopper Gurney plan set were quick and easy to cut, sand, and paint.

Whether you cut many out at a time using Udie's table saw idea, or cut them out one at a time using a scroll saw, I think you will enjoy this set.

Kenneth W Martin

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Ken - Great scroll saw work and you said it did not take long - perfect. Probably spent more time painting. Looks like the dowel demons were good to you, at least your dowels fit snuggly in holes you drilled for the headlights.  I should have used plywood for the fenders also. Good point. 


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Hi Ken,
Very cool both jeeps you made. The black and green colors are perfect. As always you are at home working with HO scale. Greetings, Joepeto
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