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This project came about after seeing a stylized picture in some advertising material. Its about 300x130x160mm in size & although I was a bit disappointed with the paint job the little fella' that owns it now doesn't seem to mind at all.
Originally a box van I opened up the sides and added "barn doors" on the back. Still have to find a way to stop any "load" falling out on high speed corners though! P1000225.JPG 

Rod T

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Nice design Shady.

The kids always like something like a truck or bus that they can put other toys into, so this is a winner.

You might have to make an ambulance next, so the little fella can send out the paramedics to the high speed accident. And a forklift to help load it up again.

Rod T
john lewman

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I enjoyed seeing your creative wood toy design this morning at breakfast. It has a fun, dynamic style and looks really sturdy with a lot of play value. I would love seeing photos of the truck from several angles to help us fully appreciate your effort. A hand holding the truck in one of the photos will help provide scale. Thanks so much for this inspirational post. How did you make the wheels?

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Nice solid truck, I'm liking the door shape very much.

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Looks good. I bet the little fella is having a blast playing with it. Of course you will need to build a fleet to go with it LOL
Ed - Making sawdust in the shop [wave]

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I like it and I bet any kid would love to have one! Looks great.
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