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Attached is a Pdf file of how I make my wooden toy wheels. There is 2 interresting jigs but unfortunately I dont have the plans for it. Maybe one of you guys can make it and post some plans for us.
Willem Heydenrych
South Africa.

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pdf How I make my wooden wheels.pdf (1.66 MB, 235 views)

john lewman

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This is the most useful and amazing information on how to make wood toy wheels that I have ever seen in one document. I for one am extremely thankful that you posted the PDF. Thank you for taking the time and care to produce such a useful document for the Forum.

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My pleasure John. 

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great PDF. thanks for posting. The tip about drilling all the way through with the hole saw to eliminate a ridge, was genius!

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Great info, thank you.

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Thank you so much for that information,  it will be really useful.[wave]

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Necessity is the mother of invention.

Living on the southern tip if Africa definitely forces you to sharpen your innovation skills.


I am going to definitely give this a go this weekend. (After a braai......and a beer...........and a nap.....)


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Thank you for posting this! I too make my own wheels, and I use similar techniques. I use my drill press to do all the machine operations. But today I learned how I can make spoke wheels. I would be happy to lend a hand creating plans for the jigs.

Jeremy Talbot
Little Al's Garage

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Excellent Willem, thank you so much for posting this. The method looks excellent and is very clearly explained and photographed.
Kind regards


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I spent the last week many hours to get my simple wheels. Finding out that you have to start off with a forster drill 15 mm in one side, depth 7 mm. I need that chamber 15 x 7 for ball bearing 15 x 6 x 5 mm and the axel out of pipe 6 x 1 mm.Then drill te central hole 6 mm all the way. Then take the wole saw 41 mm and replace the centre drill with a centre pin 6 mm. This will allign the ring 15 x 7, and the outside diameter of 41 mm. The hole saw should cut 2/3 of te material. Make a mark in the surface so you will see the outside diameter of the wheel you are making.then drill a hole of 6 mm though the wood on the outside of that radius, in that way you will create an outlet for the saw dust a prevent burning.                                         Then poceed with the amount of wheels you need. Turn you material 180 deggrees and take the hole saw with the centre point and allign the the 6 mm hole, witch give you the precies location of the centre of the wheel. Change the hole saw for a forstner bit tot make the side profile of te wheel. Cut out the wheel by remouving the 1/3 left material.
I am most impressd by the way how some matthers in this forum are explaned.
Furthermore, the ready made wheels are very easey to get and very cheap. Could somebody tell me how to get those in a cheape way to SA ?

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Thank you Willem for that great detailed process instruction.
 Although I have ready access to the usual source of ready-made wheels, there is nothing available like those fantastic lugged wheels that you so aptly described.
 I see some jig making in my near future so I can create some for  some "off-road" themed vehicles.
much appreciated.
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