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I was asked to show how I made the Bails of Straw for my Horse Trailer project.

The things you will need are:   1.  A 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" block of scrap wood.  2.  Cringle paper (I bought mine at Michaels.  3. Spray glue  4. Scissors 5. An Empty Box.
Start by spraying all sides of your cut piece of wood with the Spray glue.  Once is is sprayed roll it around in the box with the cringed paper, making sure that all sides are well coved in the paper.
Next you will need to use the scissors to cut the excess paper from all sides of the block of wood.  Use the profile of the sides to trim the paper.
Once you have it evenly trimmed, use your hands to firmly press the block against a hard surface.  This will further help define the edges and give it a nice square look
Thats about it and when you are done you should end up with something like this.
Have fun!

T over T Wood Artistry

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TommyT - Excellent How-To presentation. Thanks for taking the time to do that for us.
Your bail of hay will go great with all the farm type plan sets as well as a simple way to make loads for the trucks and trailers.
Ken Martin

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This is a nice idea, and thanks for taking the time to show us how you made them.
Great addition to the pick up and horse trailer.

Good job.

Kenneth W Martin
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