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Hi everyone! I made a rocking giraffe recently, as you can see on my photos. I used a quite slow and a hard way to paint. I had cut the pattern from a sticky paper and glued it on the body of a giraffe. After that I colored the inside of that pattern. I had many complications while doing it such as: sticky paper and wood would not go together, white stripes were colored brown and so on... Eventually, it took me time to finish it. [smile]

I heard somewhere that there is a way to use iron to post a pattern on a wood. Does anyone know anything about it or if there is another easier way for this type of pattern?

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john lewman

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This is wonderful work and also a work of art. I am impressed! Beautiful work and you have a great ability to solve creative problems!

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That sure is cute, you did a great job.  To maybe answer your question, I have transferred some patterns for carving using an iron.  The ironing method only provides an outline and not much definition but you get the lines to follow for your project. 

I make a mirror image of what I am trying to transfer.  Microsoft Word flips things easily, not sure if it would be necessary for giraffe spots because they may look the same either way. 

The reverse image then is printed on a laser jet printer.  From what I have read it will not work with the ink jet printers we all have around our houses.  It has to be from a (powder) toner based system and not ink. 

Then I place the paper on my wood and iron.  Make sure you tape down a few sides but you want to keep lifting it to make sure it transfers. 

Hope this helps but it would not eliminate a steady hand to paint.  There may be some options using the deco podge method if you do not like to paint. 


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One of the best ways to avoid the color pattern problem is just don't use them. For this animal it would have been easy to just paint the whole thing white, mask the area between the spots with 1/2 in. tape and either brush or spray the brown. Nature isn't all that precise when positioning color patterns, so when painting animals, doing your own thing will usually turn out looking quite natural.

Nice looking giraffe!!
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