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Rod T

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Hi Everyone

I haven't posted for a while as I veered off toys for a while. 
I had a productive weekend in the shed back onto some toys to prepare for xmas. 

I also had my little helper cleaning up some of my mess.


Over the winter, I tried my hand at something else. Just for a change.
I made some bottle openers to try and sell for xmas gifts. 
Although quick and easy to make, I do prefer making toys. 
It will be interesting to see if they sell at a market stall that I am attending in November. 
Here are a couple of pics of the different ones and racks that I made to display them on. 

fullsizeoutput_26.jpg  IMG_2146.jpg  IMG_2217.jpg  IMG_2214.jpg 
Rod T


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Wow, your Christmas toy selection looks terrific! I love the bottle openers, too, quite fancy having a go at them myself, they'd make nice Christmas stocking fillers.

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Kids - some at least, surely not all - do seem to like tidying up.

I had my 2 young nephews in "the workshop that shall not be called shed" a couple of weeks ago making a modified car plan from here and they were as interested in the shop vac and sweeping as they were in the woodwork.

I still haven't found some of the things they tidied up 😉


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Nice stuff. My boy does the exact same thing with the exact same tractor. I built him a huge fancy sandbox but he'd rather be in the shop playing in the sawdust. Oh well, little ones are good company are provide a lot of comic relief when you're dealing with a project.
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