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I am new to scrolling and agree with Sweetsaw.  While I would love to have either the Excalibur or the Dewalt I just could swing that kind of cash.  So for me what was most important was a saw that accepted both pin and pinless blades, tool less blade removal and a tension quick release as I didn't want to worry about having to retension my blade every time I did interior work.  I went with the Skil Scroll Saw (3335-07) which I got from Lowes for $120.  So far I love it.  I have only done one pattern so far (and I think I used the wrong blade) BUT I love it, it has everything I wanted and it was in my price range.  If you go for it make sure you get the 3335-07 model.  The older versions don't have the tool less blade change or accept pin less blades.
Good luck!
Ken Martin

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   Good for you, as long as you are happy with your scroll saw, you will be happy making toys with it.
   I have only been using a scroll saw for a year and still I have to think (or Guess) which blade to use for almost every new project, so don't feel bad.
Keep scrolling.

Kenneth W Martin
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I would certainly start off with something cheaper and then when you upgrade you will really notice the difference. I own the EX-21 and this is my third saw been at it for 40 plus years now, I noticed straight away how easy the blade changing top and bottom feed was and there's no vibration trying to hold your work down also the table top stays put and the saw angles, it a dream to use.
So I would use a cheap saw first because you'll find it's additive and then upgrade when you can afford it.
Most of all have fun.

Dolf Joubert

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   My first scroll saw could only take pinned blades, does not have variable speed and also no light. The blower also did not work for very long as the rubber diaphragm (ball) perished. Getting parts is impossible, so I had to live with it. But on the positive side, this scroll saw was  cheap and does not vibrate.
   I then decided to upgrade and bought a second hand Martlet scrowl saw , but had to return it to the seller due to extreme vibration. I then bought a new Martlet, got all the functions that my cheap saw did not have, but vibration is still a serious problem! And the air blower is very poor.
   I now realise that I bought the saw without doing enough home work. The replies you have received to date, are all valid according to me and if I were you I would I would first try out as many different scrowl saws as possible before making a decision.
   I have been using cheap blades, but have now bought Olson blades and am hoping that these blades will make a difference.
I really hope that you have more success than I had!
Good luck!

Dolf: Great tips on what to look for and I enjoyed your purchase history about the your scroll saw and what to look for. Thanks for posting - Udie.
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