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I always seem to run out of clamps to hold small pieces together when gluing. the other day I came across an idea on youtube( sorry I can't remember which clip). I tried this idea and it worked for me so I thought I'd pass it on in case it might be of help to some one. As I said it is not my idea but it works.

I had some thick walled PVC drain pipe in my yard about 2 1/2 inches diameter ( any diameter pipe will do as long as it is thick walled)

I cut it into one inch lengths on my bandsaw and then I cut about a one inch piece out of the side so it looked like a letter C

c clamp.JPG 
I rounded the edges of the cut so that it wouldn't mark the work. By stretching the jaws over the work it holds the pieces tight. The bigger the gap that you cut in the pipe the less pressure you'll get. Conversely, if the gap is too big then packing strips can be used  between the edge of the clamp and the piece to be glued.

C clamp 2.JPG

I'm sure that members can build on this idea.  I've got myself some cheap clamps with a bit of second hand drainpipe and a bit of time.


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Ceefa - Great tip and low cost, epically if you have many things to clamp. Thanks for posting.
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