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While I was assembling one of the Bad Bob Motors cars, I needed a small clamp with soft jaws. I had some Little Irwin  Quick-Grip clamps that I had never used. They came with something else I bought in black Friday special a few years back The are a bit flimsy, but they got the job done. I decided that I needed a few more. After checking my local store and after getting sticker shock. I looked online. That's when I found the DeWalt clamps. The DeWalt clamps are much better than the Irwin clamps. My Irwin clamps bend and slip wit any real clamping pressure Not good. The DeWalt clamps do not move. You can buy them on eBay for less than  $5.

There are two versions of the Irwin clamps. One of them has the same specs as the DeWalt. However, the only place I could find them listed with the correct photo and part number had crazy prices on them one was for $15 each. I buy a lot of things online, and no part number or model number is a deal breaker. So in spite of owning a lot of Irwin Quick Clamps that I use all the time I bought the DeWalts so far I'm happy with them and expect them to be a great asset in my toy making. Being the kind of person who can lose things without moving, I like the bright yellow color.

I think the photos show the difference.

 2018-05-01 21.22.59 Garage - Shop - Clamps - Irwin Quick-Grip Micro Ba.jpg 2018-05-01 21.24.44 Garage - Shop - Clamps - Irwin Quick-Grip Micro Ba.jpg 2018-05-01 21.26.37 Garage - Shop - Clamps - Irwin Quick-Grip Micro Ba.jpg 2018-05-01 21.27.00  Garage - Shop - Clamps - Irwin Quick-Grip Micro B.jpg 2018-05-01 21.27.15 Garage - Shop - Clamps Irwin QuickGrip Clamp - DeW.jpg

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