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Greg Farr

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Hi All,

I have only recently joined the forum, you may have seen 2 of my builds on the email promotion on the 4 of May that I must say I was surprised & delighted with when I saw it, so a big thank you to Cynthia. Below is the mail out photo.

Since then I have finished the Kombie, I chose not to do the trailer & I replaced the Kayaks with surfboards, I also like to do custom wheels.

I used spotted gum & maple to create the 2 tone affect & I also combined the same to materials to create the seats to give it the 2 coloured stitched seats I have seen in real Kombie's.

The front VW emblem & the lights I don't know the species of but it is a beautiful gold colour that I love using (I dread the day i run out of it)

The tail lights are purple heart

The rims & tyres are maple & walnut, I love how the rims came out, they were definitely worth the additional effort.

The surfboards are cypress & maple, the cypress is an amazing looking material but unfortunately prone to cracking so I can only get away with it in small pieces like this.

I hope you like it IMG_0477.jpg  IMG_0478.jpg  IMG_0479.jpg  IMG_0488.jpg 



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Fantastic build.
john lewman

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I agree with Trav. You have made a stunning work of art with this one as are the two in the promotion piece. I am thrilled to see this today and especially admire the custom wheels and tires. This is a great example of the toymaker's art!

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I would like to fully agree with the last comments, what an absolute beauty....
Your model is a work of art and I especially love your choice of woods in your build.
My only comment would be the rear bumper, if I had made this without the trailer I personally would have left the towing hitch off and "smoothed round" the bumper....but that's just my opinion and not any form of criiticism in the slightest...
Well done looks Amazing
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