I have a requirement for some wide 8mm panels (grained naturally) & I was thinking of using laminate flooring.
I may use the Carbide tipped saw blades in the Proxxon table saw and either a fine Band-saw or even the CNC to cut the curved shapes.

I'm not worried about the epoxy looking surface on the reverse side as it will be inside the model and never visible.

Anyone ever tried this stuff? At $19/sq mtre in 300mm widths and dead flat it would be very economical even if a bit heavy!!

There are some toy posted here made from laminated flooring, but I can't recall who it was.
Ken Martin did a post on laminated flooring    
"Donated wood for toys" was title of the post  I am sure there is more posts but I haven't found them yet  
Yesterday i was given about a dozen samples of laminated floor from a local flooring store and am just wondering what to do with them and I am open to suggestions

Makes a great template.
Rod T
I have thought about this, but haven't tried it yet. 
Sometimes left overs come up cheap on Gumtree etc. 

I had a look at some once, but they were only about 5mm thick and had grooves in the back, so they would need to be put through the thicknesser. 

Some others I found cheap were made of MDF with a thin veneer on the top. 

There are others that are 12mm -18mm thick and solid wood, I'll keep an eye out for these and maybe get a pack next time I see them. 

I would be very interested to see how you go.

Rod T

phantom scroller
Only made signs out of laminate make sure you suit up on the mask it's bad stuff. [frown]