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I just completed a Land-Rover from John's excellent plan. The eagle-eyed among you will notice I left off some of the trim strips (side and gutters), partly to keep it simple, as it's for my grandson to play with and partly due to his impatience to have it finished! He wants to take it to school on the last day of term (day after tomorrow), as they are allowed to take a toy in to school.
Made mainly from Beech, with a bit of scrap Mahogany, for the engine block and front inner mudguards (fenders). Grandson Aaron (7) helped where he could and did most of the painting.
I've also just made another VW Cabriolet, using scrap Mahogany and Oak. I really like this design, I've made a couple of different scale versions, but it's fun at the scale John designed.

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Very nice! Love the color scheme.

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Well done, Tom, well done. I like them both. I hope your grandson is the talk of the school.

Thanks for sharing.

-Bill  [comp]

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You are a master toymaker Tom. These are really special. I like what you have done with the Range Rover. Cool!
phantom scroller

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Excellent work.[thumb]

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Great Landy Tom.

Please tell Aaron I think his paint job and colours are absolutely brilliant.

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