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Want to share photos of your toy creations? Great idea! Sharing your creations helps you gain feedback, critiques and comments. It helps you improve and encourages forum interactions with other toymakers. Take the following steps to upload your photos. Take your time and enjoy this easy process!

NOTE: DO NOT LINK PHOTOS TO OUTSIDE WEBSITES OR YOUR POSTS WILL BE REMOVED. Photos that are linked to outside websites eventually expire. Please upload your photos to the Forum and insert them into posts using the directions below.

1. After clicking a "Forum Topic" under each "Category" you can either click on the "New Topic" button or click on the "Reply" button while inside the Forum Topic (click the image to view it larger):

Here's an example of clicking on the "New Topic" button while in the "General Talk" Forum Topic (click the image to view it larger):

2. If you are creating a new topic type in a "Topic Subject" for your post.

3. Type in the details and describe your images.

4. Scroll to the bottom of your editing window until you see the image buttons to insert your image(s). 
We recommend that you "Insert" photos rather than "Attach" photos because an inserted photo is much larger (easier to see) than attaching a photo. Attaching files is best used for attaching files that are not photos such as PDF files, Word Docs etc.

Below is an example of the difference between Attaching files and Inserting photos in your post:

Option #1: Attaching Files:
Option #2 Inserting Photos:

5. Select the photos from your computer or phone you want to upload.

6. Click "Preview Post" to review your post to ensure everything is perfect before officially posting.

9. If everything looks good to go, proceed on by clicking "Post New Topic".

Regards, Staff

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