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Peter V

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Over in the Netherlands, there is a great shortage of moutmask for all the healthcare-people. That is a serious problem. 

Our government and medics are telling us that it has no augmented value wearing mouthmasks, due tot the great differences between them. The most mask doesn´t stop micro and smaller drops.

It seems that staying apart from eachother with 1,5 to 2 metres in between them, is a good precaution-measure and helps drastically downsizing the spreading of catching the virus.

We are now approaching the max of our IC-capacity, is 1400 in totall. There is a slight decreasing number of hospitalization, but still alarmingly high.

Furthermore, it seems that keeping distance begins to be effective because it looks like there are less people infected. We then talk about 550 instead of 610 people PER DAY. 

Stay well and stay at home. 


Peter V

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We are on lock down here in Chi-town. Problem is, people are treating it like a vacation from work. The only way this thing is gonna go away, is to stay the **** home. I have been working from home, I am one of the few lucky ones that have that option. And i have been building alot of toy cars. As soon as they come together, I will be posting pics. Stay healthy and stay home, take care guys!
Jeremy Talbot
Little Al's Garage

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I believe you are correct that a face mask (mouthmask) does minimal protection to the wearer.
However at the very least the face mask reminds the wearer to not touch their eyes, nose, and mouth while exposed to people. (normally a person touches their face 16 times an hour) And we all agree that touching your face (in public) without washing your hands is the most common way to catch the virus.
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