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Rod T

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Hi Everyone

I have been quite busy making all sorts of cars. 
I made these the same way as my recent Fat Fendered Ford post by creating a gluing template for the guards. 

These first ones are from the Spicy Speedsters plan set.
The plans are based on having no wheels at all and called carpet runners.
I modified the guards a bit to be able to fit wheels on there. There are a few other cars in the plan set, I will get around to doing these at some point. 
I like the goofy look of these.

Using the glueing templates made very quick work of the glue ups, particularly the cars with 2 guards on each side. 

The pinkish timber in the bodies is Douglas Fir from an old post given to me. The other body timber is pine. 
The darker guards on most of these is African Sapelle, the lighter timber is Cyprus.
The darker guards on the original Fat Fendered Fords is Merbau.  
All finished with the butcher block wax that I have been using lately. 

IMG_1622.JPG  IMG_1623.JPG  IMG_1624.JPG  IMG_1625.JPG  IMG_1626.JPG  IMG_1627.JPG 

I also managed to complete the set of Fat Fendered Fords I started a while ago.

IMG_1628.JPG  IMG_1629.JPG  IMG_1630.JPG  IMG_1631.JPG  IMG_1632.JPG  IMG_1633.JPG  IMG_1634.JPG  IMG_1636.JPG 

And also a couple of Stude Dudes from one of the books of plans

IMG_1637.JPG  IMG_1639.JPG  IMG_1640.JPG  IMG_1641.JPG  IMG_1642.JPG 

Rod T


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Great cars. I love how you put the selections of woods together and the grain directions on some of these are amazing. 
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john lewman

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The entire group of cars are so exciting to see all together. This some fine workmanship and creativity. Well done Rod T!

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Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.


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Love them - really nice wood.  I do like the "cartoon" look of the cars, makes them look fun. 

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Very nice post, just makes a person smile for sure--

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Very nice!

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I really love seeing the variety of woods that you use in your toys.  Another fantastic set!

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Lots of fine looking toy's posted....
It's always fun to see what other folks make and how they get to the final product...

Thanks for sharing ...[thumb]

Ed - Making sawdust in the shop [wave]
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