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I had my second market stall on 2nd December. It was an indoor market but it was a very hot day so it got quite stuffy. It went for 4 hours and there was quite a bit of foot traffic for the first 2 hours but slowed down for the last 2 (turns out there were a few other events on the same day). I didn't do quite as well as I'd hoped but I made $3 more than my first market so I'm happy with that.

I made my first sale (large puzzle truck) to a neighbouring stall holder before the market even opened. I sold a couple of peg games and a brain teaser take apart puzzle.
Once again the most popular item was my rubber-band powered rocketships. I raised the price of them by $2 for this market and still sold as many as last time. They were fantastic for catching the attention of kids. I even had one parent hurry back and buy 2 after her kids had gone ahead.

It was a Christmas market but unfortunately I didn't sell any of my Christmas items (I had a few miniature nativity sets and some lollipop Christmas trees.

It's so important to remain interested and keep a smile on your face. A couple of other stall holders looked absolutely bored and sat reading the whole time. They didn't have much interest in their products. (They were selling mlm party plan products so that probably had something to do with the lack of interest too.)

Also, make sure you stick around until the very end of the market. Both markets I've attended, I've made sales after everyone else has packed up.

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As much as it costs here to get in the good shows  I would be there until I didn't have anything to sell or there were no more customers.

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