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Testing Metallic Paints on the Free Play Pals plan set.

Recently there have been many posts on the Forum showing the results of using Metallic craft paints.

This increased interest was probably stimulated after reading the June 23, 2014 WTN (Wood Toy News) where Larry Laing was featured with his toys he sends to the needy children of Haiti.

His article also stimulated me to give these Metallic craft paints a try. From talking with Larry I learned that he does not seal his wood, he does not prime his wood, he applies two (2) coats of metallic paint to bare wood.

26 Assembled Group  .jpg 
This grabbed my interest even more. So, I put them to the test and documented my step-by-step procedure from making the cars to painting the cars.
I tested this procedure on bare MDF and bare Pine in addition to pairs of sealed wood and primed wood.

So, grab a beverage of your liking - click on the photo below and it will open the PDF for you.
Imants Udris (Udie)



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Thank you Udie for the detailed analysis.  The step by step photos and write up if very helpful.  Because I'm new to this world this type of documentation cuts down on the learning curve.  I haven't got through all the tips on this forum so this also helps in my overall painting process.  Painting is my weak point right now.  I do like the look of the metallic paint and I think the kids will like it too.  Thanks again. 
Ken Martin

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Thank Udie 
Really good article.

Kenneth W Martin

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Wow! Another great article by Udie. I love to read these over a nice hot cup of coffee and soak in the info.
I really like your washer idea. That's cool! Well off to the lounge chair with my copy and cup of coffee.

Thanks Udie

Frank Galica
phantom scroller

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Udie thanks for that it makes good reading nice PDF well designed and informative.
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