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Metallic Paint Story Sticks - Part 2

In the first post titled "Metallic Paint Story Sticks" I mentioned using clothes pins as paint story sticks also.
Photo "1 Clothes Pin Paint Story Sticks.jpg"
1 Clothes Pin Paint Story Sticks.jpg 
The above photo shows what they look like and how you can store quite a selection on one metal clothes hanger.
All the paint details are recorded on the rear, the un-painted surface.

Again, each clothes pin was painted with two (2) coats with no sanding in-between coats.

In another post titled "Metallic Craft Paints on the Play Pals" I suggested dropping a nut into the 2oz acrylic craft paint containers. Use them just like the ball bearing in paint aerosols giving the container a good shake before using.

This works great for me, until I discovered that the Martha Stewart 2oz acrylic metallic paint containers do not have a large enough opening to do so.

Photo "2 Bottle Openings.jpg"
2 Bottle Openings.jpg 
I ran out of heavy steel nuts so I dropped in two (2) nuts into each one of my metallic paint containers with the larger opening.
They really help stir up the paint.

As far as the Martha Stewart paints ... maybe a couple of sort machine screws might be the trick for them. I have not tried it yet, but no reason it will not work.

Once again - Happy Toy Making
Imants Udris (Udie)

Ken Martin

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Well my friend, I will bet you have the best looking cloths pins in town.

Nice write up and good idea about the bolts, to help mix the paint.
To bad Martha Stewart has to be different about everything they do.  Maybe so they can charge more for their products with her name on them.

How did the Martha Stewart metallic paint work com paired to the Folk Art?

Thanks for sharing all you are learning about metallic paints.

Kenneth W Martin

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All three brands I tried applied equally with respect to the area that could be covered by the first coat. The second coat allowed more surface area to be covered after loading the brush. Remember my colour selection and manufacture selection was based on what was on sale.
But ... I did learn this ... if the store marks the paint as "Clearance" that means that they are dumping stock and this product is being discontinued as a store stocked item.
So, if you really like the colour, then buy their entire stock. Ask the manager to give you a deal if you buy them all. Remember my economy wheel and varnish post?
The bolts in the metallic paints can also be used for your common acrylic craft paints also.

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Hey Udie! Are you selling those clothes pins? Great articles. I read part 1 and loved it. The nugget I picked out on that one especially was the using of the nut in the paint to mix!! Have you tried that in regular craft paints? Since they seem to dry up faster I thought the nut idea would work great to mix it all together. Off to read part 2. ..........................[cool]
Frank Galica
phantom scroller

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Udie good idea about pegs and the nuts for mixing thanks for that one. You might have to watch the washing on your line because all the pegs will be missing. lol
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