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I was at a craft store the other day picking up some supplies and found these acrylic metallic paints.

What attracted me was the cost.
They were 70% off, for 4.06 oz. tubes which was cheaper than purchasing the 2 oz. tubes of metallic acrylic craft paints I normally purchase.

Artists Loft Metallic Paints.jpg

How could I say 'no' to such a deal, so a bought a few tubes to give them a try.
I was there to purchase metallic paints anyway.

Painted a couple of wide stir sticks, making my story sticks as I usually do for reference and selection in the future.

Story Sticks.jpg 
Great colours, excellent coverage and flow, easy to apply, dries quick, quick brush cleanup.
The story sticks were covered with one coat.

You can see a different shade on one half (the right side) where I applied one coat of craft gloss varnish.

I took the photo in bright sunlight, so the look a little light, but believe me, the colours are fantastic.

The only negative thing I can say about the product is ...
These are tubes of acrylic paint ... if you squeeze out too much, you will not be able to put the surplus back into the tube.
When you remove the white cap, the hole in the tube is less the 3/16" in diameter.

But, I think if you purchased a few of the small plastic paint containers with an air tight cap, you should be able to squeeze a generous amount into the containers and be confident they will store for later use.
Haven't tried that yet with these paints, but it worked well with other paints I have stored in this manner.

These metallic paints are available in 14 colours.
I'll wait until they go on sale again and add new colours to my collection.

Ken Martin

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Great Idea Udie

I am going to the Craft store to see if I can find some of these on sale.

I like you demo with the sticks.  

We have been doing more and more of our painting with Metallic Paints because, like you said, the colors are just great and the coverage is really good.  You can put two or three coats on in an afternoon.
I like to sand my toys smoother, although it takes away some of the sparkle of the metallic, the color and coverage is just awesome, and when sprayed with Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze you get a great finish.

Good idea about storing the paint in little plastic cups.

Thanks for sharing your find.

Kenneth W Martin

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Great news.  the metallic paints are so easy to work with and good to know about 14 colors.   I really like your story stick method.  I have a board but I like how you can put a top coat on half and see the effect.  I may have to borrow this from you. 
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