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Anybody use one? Found one at harbor freight for pretty cheap and was wondering about whether it's worth a few bucks or not.

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I have one of these. If I remember right I paid less than $10 for it. The needle that comes with it is a bit small for heavy bodied paints like house paint. The manual says there are large needles for it but as far as I could find out you can't get them. This was were I was going next it the air brush didn't work out. People do spray house paint through them. Its a bit large got small toys and parts but would work great for painting larger stuff like a rocking horses. If you have a compressor give it a try.


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I picked it up for $14. Has a 4oz cup, deemed a detail gun so it's supposed spray down to a fine line. About like that and that is what I was thinking as well. If the airbrush doesn't work then can try that. If all else I can use it to spray the rocker/crib combo and horses I make with it.

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You can find reviews on youtube about this gun and how to improve it. Just search harbor freight HVLP gun
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