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Cindy - Let's talk about drill bits for a second.
I think you are right, the smallest Forstner bit I can find is 1/4"
Next step - go to a Brad Bit.
I am very lucky that Lee Valley Tools is just a short trip down the road. They are a high end woodworking shop.

As you will see from the photos below ... you can go lower than 1/8" ... all the way to 5/64.
These are HSS Lipped Brad-Point Drills. They are in the $4.00 range and up. Best thing about them is they score the perimeter before the chipping edge begins to remove the wood.

6795 A.jpg 

6796 A.jpg 

HSS Lipped Brad Point.jpg 

They come with a plastic sleeve that just spins off and you can spin them back on when not in use.
They are very sharp and sometime you cut the sleeve when trying to put them back on. That's why I'm missing a couple.
I have never tried purchasing any in the smaller size on line, only because the store is so close. So I do not know if they are available.


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Thanks Udie - you are fortunate to be so close to Lee - they are a high quality store.  I have purchased from them online and will take a very close look at my brad point bits.  Not sure if they have that scoring feature on the perimeter.  It is worth buying a quality bit for something like this. 
Ken Martin

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Thanks Udie
I really like when you go the extra mile to answer a question, because we can relearn points from you explanations and photos.  
Thanks for all the time you spend.

Kenneth W Martin

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I went and bought one of those automatic center punches.  That made getting the drill bit placed where it was needed soooooo much easier! [smile]

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Cindy- very nice job love this version!! Got to ask how did you do the open window concept???

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I was thinking that another item might work for drilling holes. Harbor freight has this cheap Doweling jig that i think could be used maybe to drill nice aligned holes. it does not do 1/8th but does do "1/4 in, 5/16 in, 3/8 in, 7/16 in. and 1/2 in. drill bushings."
Maybe turn it upside down and clamp it on and then drill. Something to look at for sure. BTW nice set of car's I like the mods. Thanks for sharing....
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Ed - Making sawdust in the shop [wave]

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Good one Ed.
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