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Feeling the need for some quick results after a long break from toymaking, I chose to build a batch of Playpals from leftover Merbau and Cypress pine.
I cannot buy 3/16th dowel, and do not like the look of axle pegs, so chose to use 1" wheels that I could drill out to take 6mm dowel. A quick jig and my new drill made it easy.
That meant upscaling by 20%, which also helped with cutting radii on the scroll-saw.
I decide to put some sides on the semi-trailer bed, to hold play loads of lengths of dowel and small blocks.
Whilst I was "in the groove" I though I should try out a tanker trailer as well, using some scrap pine and otherwise un-used axle pegs for filler caps.  Worked well enough, I will do more in future.
Finished with beeswax polish to bring out the colours of the wood.
So quick compared to the blue painted original.
Happy with the results, now I can afford to settle back and take my time with the next project.
20191002_140917.jpg  20191006_161421.jpg    20191006_161708.jpg    20191006_161756.jpg  20191006_161916.jpg    20191006_161931.jpg  Wombat

kenneth smith

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Looks really really good Wombat! Excellent work.
john lewman

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These are really well designed and finished to perfection. Thanks for sharing.
PaPa Jack

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Do not understand drilling out wheeh
l holes..  I thought that 1/4 " dowels were used for alxes, which fit most standard wheel openings.  Unless you are building large toys.   Did I miss something.  Always looking for new ideas..  Great looking toys.

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Hello papajack.
The wheels I had came with 3/16" holes to suit axle pegs. I wanted to use dowel.
I drilled them out to suit 1/4" dowel that I could buy. Simple.

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I some times drill (ream) holes to a larger size to fit the dowels I have or for a particular use. I have some car bodies on my bench now that have the axle holes drilled one size too large. I enlarged the openings to fit a larger dowel so the cars would look right and not drag.
Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.

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