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Is there anybody that has a plan for a morris monor estate wagon or even a car plan, am trying to help a person who is desperate to get one have searched the net but nothing comes up so thought I would try our community for help, I know is english but maybe somebody could help

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Hello there - have been intrigued that no-one has answered you so I thought I'd do a bit of a search and came across this - is the "Traveller"the same as the estate wagon ...??

There are also several images on the main search you could maybe use depending on how your interpretive skills are!!

Oh well - back to my Abrams tank model ....!!

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Hi Kangaroopaws,

If you Google - Morris Traveller Blueprint. you will find drawings of all versions of the Morris Minor, suitable to turn in to plans fairly easily. The Mini Traveller link from Cometoz shows the later Mini version with "stick-on" wooden framing, while the original Morris Minor one, had structural Ash framework with aluminium panels. Hope this helps.
Best wishes, MIke.

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thanks for the info, will be able to build it from this info

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Oh, I do remember the Morris Minor Estate Wagon back when I was a kid.  I saw one in a junk yard just rotting there after I grew up, I would have loved to buy it an restore it to it's original glory, but I was newly married and a new baby boy. My priorities had changed. Second on the list is an Austin Healey 3000.

-Bill  [comp]

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there are a few around in Australia, but my favorite is the mini minor as was the car I drove for my 1st car
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