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Hello, I finally got a chance to finish some cars, and keep them long enough to take pictures. I have enclosed pictures of mini play pals that I have built out of red oak, and coated with my variation of the paste wax recipe. Also included is a variation that strangely resembles a Camaro, as promised to Udie. My take-away on this project is as follows: These toys are fun to make and really helps to burn up some of the scrap that collects in the barrel next to the miter saw. Kids love them! My first production run of ten of each design, is already gone! Some have made it as far as Mexico! Now I am new to using a scroll saw, I bought a really nice unit that was hardly used, for 50 bucks, it came with a tray full of blades. So I went at with these cars. The outer shape was cut with a 9" band saw(45 dollar craig's list find), and the window cutout was done with the scroll saw. The issue I had was making a cut that followed the line. I have no idea what blade I am using, I read some forums  as to what blade I should be using for 3/4" lumber. I will be purchasing some blades very soon. I spent a great deal of time cleaning up the window cutouts. The first goal of my operation is to make hand crafted heirloom quality toys! 
Bug side view.JPG  Camaro side view.JPG  Minivan.JPG  Pick-up truck side view.JPG 

Jeremy Talbot
Little Al's Garage

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JTalbot - Well my toy making friend, your first attempt photos show us some first rate toys. Red Oak as I am sure you have experienced is not the easiest to sand, a lot of time an sweat spend there and your quality displays it. Camaro - excellent job and thanks for doing it and presenting it. Your first batch of ten (10) of each is already gone, good for you ... so I guessing your second batch just might have to be twenty (20) of each? LOL

Side Note:
Just to let you know, has a very informative article about scroll saws, scroll saw blades, what to use for various thicknesses. From the home page, click on the tab "Wood Toy Workshop'. That will bring you to "Tips, Techniques and How-To's for Toymakers". On page 3, you will find the article titled "How to Choose the Correct Scroll Saw Blade" which you may fine quite informative. I have highlighted the title as link to the article. Enjoy

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Good effort .Douglas
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