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Did my first market stall at a Christmas Fete at a local primary school last week.
Packing the vehicle, hauling all the tables, tent and boxes of goodies from the street into the grounds, setting up, standing around for five hours and then reversing the process was harder work than actually making all of the stock. ( perhaps it just wasn't as much fun )
Still, I considered it was successful  from the point of learning first-hand what the school-aged kids and their parents liked ( enough to buy) and didn't, plus the fact that I sold about 25% of the value of the stock.

 The most desired items were the  F5, F4 and F16 planes I made recently, the kids just fell on them. Each cost me around $A4 in materials and fetched $A15. Sold almost all of them.

Next were the  PlayPal cars made from scrap Merbeau and Cypress, which went for $A5. I had expected them all to go as they were my lowest priced items, but there you go.
Perhaps they should have been "coin-priced" instead of "note-priced".

Strangely, the toy that I was least satisfied in building, the Truck Stop with the mod-podge printed artwork, I could have sold twice. Perhaps that reflected the low markup on materials cost. I also have a potential sale of one of the Super Train sets .

All in all it was a good experience, and I most likely will return next year.
This time I plan on having lots more airplanes, fewer pull-along toys,  and plenty of the Peterbilt Construction toy sets painted a nice bright yellow.  A few of the brightly painted Hot Rods will also be on the menu.
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Well, sounds like you did well.

I tried a booth once and didn’t do good at all. Of coarse this is rural Tennessee.

Glad you did good.

-Bill  [comp]

My saw is a DeWalt788
Measure twice; cut once; count fingers after cut
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Wombat, this is quite a professional effort. The toys are all top quality and the table displays are attractively arranged. Well done!

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I have not done my own booth yet but honestly if you sold 25% of your toys I call that a GREAT success for a first time booth! I think your plan to add yellow to your construction toys is an excellent idea.

I love seeing people booths and strategy. I made my first toy at Christmas 2018. Just one sailboat design (a bunch of them) and it was well received by family and friends. During 2019 i continued my research and buying woodworking machines as i can (used and new). Miter saw, drill press, scroll saw air compressor for nail/staple gun, angle grinder. I JUST bought a cheap tiny router used for edge molding (Harbor Freight with coupon was $22 dollars) which i am excited to try on a wall mount bottle opener i am making for xmas gifts this year.

Over this year i have changed my future strategy to make fewer toys, but selective, production line style toys that are in the category of $25-45 that appeal to kids as well as their parent (a jeep or monster truck as an example for boys to men).
Currently my main focus now is to go more for more classic items with function or home decor, to attract adult gift giving. I have had many orders for the Rustic USA flag that i am sure all of you have seen online with YouTube tutorials. I make a 2x3 foot version that i started making for family and now i get orders from local strangers as well. It is not an item you want to ship to customers as packaging and shipping costs add too much to the price, but for local customers it is great. Other items i am focusing on are phone charger stations, eye/sunglasses holders, even a TV remote control holder station, as well as the common- beer/wine totes. Perhaps next year even a few Xmas ornaments. I do not have a table saw or i would include kitchen cutting boards.
Toy building is what got me into woodworking and expanding out to useful items for adults as well is my current strategy.
Martin L

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Well done Wombat, I have a market stall to morrow and we have had one on the 6 Saturday mornings before Christmas so to morrow's one is the last one for the year.  It is amazing what sells one week and doesn't sell the next. This year my most popular ones have been the Landrover Rally set the F150 Crew Cab and my blocks of wood on wheels selling for $A5 ea. I do make them in the shape of cars , a mini bus and a small truck.  I have found that having a few of the larger toys creates interest and they then buy a couple of the smaller ones.  I have been doing this market for about 5 years now and I find that if you stick at you become known as having quality toys and get repeat custom throughout the year and more so at Christmas.   I do have quite a few toys for the girls as well as for the boys  
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