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Hi all,

Last year I came across an issue of The Woodworker and Woodturner magazine that had a feature article by Derek Lane, about a beaver-tail Mercedes truck.
There was a reference to and the words "free downloadable plans" caught my eye.
Frugal to a fault, I followed the link, got the plans, found a local supplier of the turned wheels, and  built a batch of three.
Having been born and raised with imperial measurements and then shifting to metric in my teens when Australia metricated, most of my measuring tools are dual scaled, so adapted the plans to suit timbers readily available.
I had plenty of 12mm Hoop Pine offcuts and some Aust Cedar for contrast.
Finished the trucks with a couple of coats of Osmo Wood Wax Finish, a German product certified safe for toys to DIN EN 71.3.
I really enjoyed making these, especially using my new disc/belt sander for the first time.
In between stocking up new plans faster than I can build, I have been tinkering with variations of this Truck . Will post them in the other category as they get done.
Anyway , here is the first off.

P1040846.jpg  P1040849.jpg  P1040851.jpg  P1040852.jpg 


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Hi Wombat
First of welcome to this forum.I love the finish on your truck it looks amazing, well done.
This free plan was also my introduction to this wonderful hobby and this forum.
I have however always adapted, added and customised John's plans.
I made a flatbed 4 wheel version, a couple of tipper ones and I have also reduced one to 90%.
All his plans are brilliant to make, I have just finally finished the Hot Rod from the 4 Hill Bill Hot Rod set and just finishing the 1940 pickup...
All the best
john lewman

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It always is a thrill to me to see this great little truck created with such loving care and very tight and clean workmanship. Your photos are also pro and very well done.

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Hi Wombat, the Mercedes Truck was my first tool to make. Using the free plan that John designed, I also changed the plan a little, made it a bit longer and put a tip tray on the back.

The wheels are made with a hole saw, out of ply, the plys look like treads. Wheels are so costly here in New zealand when we only get about 60 cents US for our NZ$ and add the cost of the shipping, can be up to $60.00 US.
They look great with the different timbers.

Cheers Raymond


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Hmmm I should try plywood for wheels. I've been using pallet wood (oak). Very hard on my drill press with the hole bit.

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Great truck Wombat (and Loggerlaws!). This plan is on my (rather long!) list.
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