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Commando Helicopter i think they is so much you can do with this design.
The first one i made i scale down about half size and the full size i changed the design a little.

VW Hot Rod  Bug my Wife loves these cars.And wants me to leave them as they are without the finishing bits.
Very good design and easy to build and fun to make.Both me and my wife play with these cars.

The over two cars are one of my own designs i have made six car up to now but keep changing the designs.
Started off as hot rods now i think they look like the batman car.But love the photo.

The train set a another one of my own design this is the first one i have made and not going to changed keep as it is.
Accept make a another car for back.

I have had fun all week making toys hope you like.

SAM_73912.jpg  SAM_7397.jpg 


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Lloyd -
These are great.  Nice finishes and I like your car and train designs.  The train has the Dr Seuss feel.  that is always fun for kids.  Thanks for sharing.  Keep them coming.
osni chioveto

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Oi Lloyd
   Sensacional o seu trabalho, adorei o bat car e o trem
Excelente designer, você está de parabéns.
Fiquei com vontade de fazer o bat car, você me vende o projeto?

Hi Lloyd
    Sensational his job, loved the bat car and the train
Excellent designer, you are to be congratulated.
I was willing to do the bat car, you sell me the project?
a hug

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Lloyd - These are great looking projects. Love the paint job. I see the train is a 3-piece construction as is your flavor of the hotrod/bat car. Both are excellent designs.
   What are the dimensions of the hotrod/bat car and the train set?
Looking at the middle section of the hotrod/bat car, is that section a glued up piece or is it one piece?
Thanks for posting your outstanding projects.

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I agree with you Cindy.I think the children will love this train set.
We had a birthday party at my home yesterday and all the children went straight for the train set.
Thanks you for your comments

Yes Udie middle section of the hotrod/bat car is glued up piece.The first one i made i not cut out and painted all black.It did look ok .Still is a prototype and still working on the design.
     car dimensions L: (7 3/4"), W: (3"), H: (3 1/4")
     Train set dimensions L: (17"), W: (2 3/4"), H: (4 1/4")

And Thaks for comments

Onsi my friend Love your work and your designs.And if you want to do the bat car project.Send me your Email and will send for you the file.The file are to big send on here.
Thaks for comments 


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Very nice Lloyd, I've come back several times to look at the train.
Well done indeed!!!

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Thank you Bucko
I did make a engine for the side but decided to leave off just keep it very simple.
This is the drawing i did

Untitled - 3.png

Dolf Joubert

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Nice work. I really like your finish which was very well done. My pick would be the helicopters.

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   On the train Loco would it not look a bit out of place to see an engine Block and a set of exhaust when it runs on Steam generated by the steam engine and exhausts the smoke thru the smoke stack? You have done a real nice job with what you have at this time keep up the Great work.

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Absolutely brilliant , amazing design and vision you have .. Regards Douglas

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Very nice, lovely, really very good work.
john lewman

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Wow Lloyd,

Somehow I missed this post. These are great fun and I am in awe of your design skills. The toys are rugged, sophisticated and have a real sense of humor and play. Thanks for posting!
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