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Steve W

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I had been using a opened out cardboard box as a temporary spray booth to learn with a recently bought Airbrush. It was now time to make the next step, I was looking at about £70 / £80 for a small modelling one and was beginning to think twice about it.

I had a sudden rush of blood last Friday remembering I had a old cooker hood extractor in my loft. Checking that it still worked and the motor was brushless I started to convert the extractor. The glass was removed from the flip front and part of the filter area and light housing was blanked off.

With the cooker hood stood up on its end I constructed a surround to fit onto the filter face. The surround is all fitted together and attached to the hood with 2 part mounting blocks, this would allow it to be flat packed if needed.

All materials used were recycled. The lighting wire was moved and a light fitted to the top inside face. The filter was fitted onto the filter screen with 2 lipped wood beads.

I decided to fit a turntable so I made a raised 2 face table, 1 side 12" dia seated on a dowel through the middle and the other face rectangular at about 12" x 8". I made both the working faces modular to take various holding plates by doweling thro the centre and at 2 corners for location. 

The only cost was the purchase of a semi flexible exhaust hose at £18 and a filter. The booth is not exactly portable but I can easily take it out the garage for outdoor spraying in good weather.





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Steve W - Good idea using an old oven range hood and converting it into a spray booth. Thanks for posting. Looking at the 3rd photo, I'm a little concerned that the rectangular exhaust pipe is blowing back into your face ... I trust you pointed it that way just for the photo.
New a plan for a paint turntable ... take a look at the Wood Toy News (WTN) dated July 23, 2013. There are plans and a video. Enjoy.

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Interesting use of the cooker hood. Providing you are using water based products and not solvent based

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Good Idea Steve on the ranger hood.  - Cindy
Ken Martin

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Thanks for sharing your neat idea.  Looks like it will work great.

Kenneth W Martin
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