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My first time in sharing one of my many creations with you all, as you can see I was inspired by Toymaking Plans and 20180706_171522.jpg  would be interested in your opinions.
john lewman

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This is a fine example of creative toymaking. I especially like the use of metal fasteners and the molded wheels and tires. We would appreciate it a great deal if you would add this post under the category " Plan Set Projects". That way the greatest number of forum members will read your posts. 

We would love to see a lot of photos of this from different angles. Could you also share where you found the fantastic wheels and also the details of the types of metal fasteners you used? 

We have unlimited storage on the forum so post as often and as many photos as you like. We appreciate photos of a large file size. The forum software automatically adjusts the size to fit the post. That way when a reader clicks on the photo it will pop up screen size for detailed viewing.

Thanks for the great post. We look forward to hearing more about this. I absolutely love what you have done here. This is so inspirational to me.


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Those are slick wheels dude. Did you salvage them off another broken toy or did you buy them especially for this project?

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What a great model, I love it!

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That looks sensational, John is right, MORE PICKS PLEASE
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