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Great build, how big is your workshop, to be able to build something this good.
Could you please send me a list of your suppliers, I live in the southwest

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Hi there.Thank you for your kind words.
My workshop is quite small, lives in the shed and apart from the Bosch Drill press they are all budget machines, around the £100 mark. The only one missing from the picture is my scroll saw and other tools like my chisels etc.
In regard to sourcing suitable wood and wheels in the UK there are quite a few great wood suppliers and the wheels and accessories are on Ebay. The shop for them that I use, a lot, is called Tacegdums, based on the Welsh border,and he sells wheels complete with relevant axles and other bits and I would highly recommend him.
I have just used in the USA/Canada for the first time with no problems, for 175 axles & wheels that took 7-8 weeks to arrive but Customs added to the bill, 20%!!
One of the UK wood suppliers I use is called Surrey Timbers in Guildford, They sell craft packs of 5 pieces, walnut, maple, oak etc for about £100 and Thins (10mm thick) and you can buy online/delivery or you can go to their real shop as well which is just off the A3. They are a South African father/son business and they have been extra helpful, as I'm a beginner, and they also have offcuts that you can pick up quite cheaply. Highly recomended.......
Another UK supplier I have used several times and can recommend is online and based in Cornwall. They supply all the species that you can imagine and it's all planed to different sizes or you contact them for a "sawn" order which is a lot cheaper if you have your own planer....If so you call them and discuss what you want. I have ordered both ways and the wood is exactly the same finish.....see picture..
This one is really great as its has a big choice but one word of advise, keep adjusting the size that you are looking at before the postage goes up a notch,
Hope this helps

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Thanks for the info as I live on the border of devon & Cornwall I will try the Cornish Co first
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